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House of Hanbury Builders, Inc.

Design, Additions & Remodeling

Unleash your culinary skills

in a new kitchen

At House Of Hanbury, you will get a kitchen that is cook and company-friendly for years to come.


Whether you need more counter space or new and fresh cabinets that display and organize your accessories, we are always up for the challenge. With over 35 year's experience, we share your passion for beautifying your home.

Don't settle for a cookie-cutter look

Let your vision out! Regardless of type or style, we will ensure that your next kitchen matches your personality and taste. Not only can you enjoy a full kitchen remodel, you can also customize handicap access.

Renovate your kitchen today

• Makeovers using existing or ALL new

• Updates to fixtures and fittings

• Full Demo, Enlargement or Replacement

• Floor, Counter and Appliance Replacement

Make your neighbors green with envy

What is stopping you from living in your dream home? We offer comprehensive kitchen remodeling including makeovers, updates, full replacement, and floor replacement. We also offer services for your bathroom and living space.

Square Square Square Kitchen | House of Hanbury Builders, Inc | Newington, CT