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House of Hanbury Builders, Inc.

Design, Additions & Remodeling

Relax in a home of your dreams

House Of Hanbury will give you options to create an energy efficient home that can still meet the needs of every member of your family.


Utilize best pracitices on your existing space or add on to create a home that is modern, functional and efficient.  Avoid high energy costs and still maintain your home's overall elegance.

Accommodate your entire family

Energy upgrades can make uncomfortable rooms more enjoyable, even add separate zones or additional HVAC to make everyone happy about the temperature in their space.  Today's equipment is leaps and bounds more efficient than was available even a few years ago, many with 5 year paybacks with a replacement.

Increase your property value

With our help you can have the most efficient and still beautiful home in your neighborhood. We also offer kitchen remodeling, additions, and other living space enhancements. Get a magazine-picture perfect remodel today. Call us at 860-666-1537.

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Insulated sheathing, extra floor & attic insulation, efficient HVAC and tight windows added.

Starting the energy efficient pop up with thick floor framing.